In line with the Buhari administration's policy on incremental power, the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) has successfully repaired and energized a 150MVA 330/132kV power transformer which got burnt 5years ago in Kumbotso Transmission Substation.

This is the first time TCN in-house engineers are successfully undertaking such repair work on a badly burnt 150MVA capacity power transformer and restoring it to service. It is also an indication of the growing capacity of its engineers under the present administration.

According to the statement issued by the General Manager, Public Affairs, Mrs. Ndidi Mbah, TCN said that the Kumbotso Transmission Substation had four (4) number 150MVA power transformers. Five years ago, one of the transformers got burnt and was considered irreparable and on the 1st of January this year, a second 150MVA tripped on fault with investigations revealed that its winding coil had spoilt and had to be moved to a transformer repair factory in Lagos.

To ensure that Kano Disco load centers taking supply from this substation still receive supply for its customers, TCN first re-arranged load from the tripped transformer into the two (2) 150MVA transformers and then commenced work on the burnt 150MVA power transformer on the 2nd of January, using its in-house engineers. The engineers opened the burnt transformer and removed the yellow, blue and red phases of the burnt diverter switches, replaced them and carried out other works inside the transformer before it was re-energized on the 2nd of February, 2019.

With the successful repair of the 150MVA power transformer, the capacity of the substation has been restored to three (3) number 150MVA power transformers. TCN has equally mobilized a brand new 150MVA power transformer from Lagos port which is currently in Lokoja en route to Kombtso Substation. TCN plans to install the transformer immediately it gets to the substation, however, TCN can now supply normal bulk power to Dakata Transmission substation and Kano distribution load centers taking supply from this substation to Katsina, kankia and environs. Installation of the new 150MVA would provide the necessary redundancy in the substation.

TCN pledged to do everything possible to ensure that it continues to expand the network as well as maintain existing infrastructures in the transmission grid.

Mrs. Ndidi Mbah

GM (Public Affairs) TCN