As at 19:00 hours on April 25, 2020, due to rainfall, Abuja dropped load and was off taking only 0.5MW and 16MW from TCN's 330kV substations in Katampe and Gwagwalada respectively.

Meanwhile, the average load AEDC usually takes from Katampe and Gwagwalada Substations are 250MW and 150MW respectively.

Precisely at 17:00Hours load in Katampe Substation was 288.0MW, At 18:00 Hours, the load dropped to 174MW then at 18.30 it dropped to as low as 9.9MW, at 19:00Hours, this further reduced to 0.5MW. The load offtake by AEDC then increased to 33.2MW at 20:39Hours.

All AEDC 33kV feeders were out due to poor distribution network. This will certainly create high voltage that may damage TCN terminal equipments. This kind of situation will be more dangerous if the rain falls in most parts of Nigeria.

TCN Management is seriously disturbed because if nothing is done quickly to capitalize the DISCOs, the power sector will completely collapse.

Mrs Ndidi Mbah - GM (Public Affairs) TCN